As I’m sure most of you have already guessed, we will be closed until the shelter at home order is lifted, currently planned for April 6th 2020.

In the meantime, Mon., Wed., and Fri., from 4pm to 6pm, I will be coming in to maintain inventory. I’m happy to answer any calls. And, we can always be contacted any day or time via email, our webpage or you can send us a message on Facebook. If you find yourself in a bit of an emergency – you broke your last e string, your beater just went through your drumhead, the jack just went out on your guitar, etc. – give us a shout and we’ll figure something out. We can ship or even drop it in your mailbox if need be.
Also, we are getting a majority of our lessons up and running online during this period. If you currently take lessons and have any questions or have ever wanted to learn a new instrument and are looking for something to fill your newfound spare time, contact us for the details.

Until we see each other again, please, be safe, be healthy and be responsible.

We really look forward to seeing you all soon.


Welcome to Trojan City Music’s official site! We offer music lessons, repair on virtually all instruments and general retail sales/trades. We strive for customer satisfaction above all else and not only want to serve your material needs but want to offer a warm, welcoming environment to all those that love music.

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