Trojan City Music’s Grand Opening!

Wow!! That was a tremendous day! Thank you to all of you for making it so.
To Phil and Jackie, Larry Lyons, Zane Jackson, Jerry Grazioso, Tyler Cochran, A Sweet Sound, Far From Eden, The Typical Johnsons, and The Rebel City Wreckers, the music was great! We couldn’t have had anywhere near as much fun without you! And to young, child rocker Jayden, your rendition of Sweet Child of Mine was very cool. Thank you for sharing it with us. You’ve got an incredible amount of talent at a very young age. It will be fun to see you progress into the amazing musician you’re sure to become.
Thank you to local punk rockers, FBS, local Rock-a-Billies, The Rebel City Wreckers, local rockers, Seth Canan and the Carriers, local metalheads, This Blessed Hatred and local effects guru Red House Electronics for their generous donations for the raffle and giveaways.
To the amazingly talented artist, Tam Cline, thank you for setting up and painting, it was so cool! We were thrilled to have you here. Your painting style is as much fun to watch as it is beautiful.
To the Jedi-master of photography, Jebenezzer Law and his lovely wife Kelli, thank you for not only bringing an awesome photo exhibit but for capturing some memories for us. You guys are such good people. It’s an honor to consider you friends.
To Mike Trombley of Red House Electronics and to Matt Summy of Ernie Ball, thank you for setting up demos of your products, and thanks for hanging out and adding to the vibe in the room.
To Monster Music Promotions, thank you for setting up a booth and hanging out, not to mention bringing some bands and artists in to mingle, plus your donation of 2 Mushroomhead tickets for our giveaway. You guys (and gal) are awesome.
To Matt Zalar at Oscar’s Bar and Grill in Vandalia and Mike Koopman at The Submarine House, thank you for supplying the food for the artists, musicians and vendors… And me! It was so good! And, hey, a special shout out to Oscar’s for being so incredibly musician friendly as a venue.
To Mojo’s Bar and Grill in Troy, thank you for your donation for our giveaway and for coming in and hanging out with us not to mention being great neighbors! You guys rock!
Thank you to Tyler Cochran, Jerrod Wright, Marcie Hendry and Tom Collins for helping us out handling all the people that came by, we couldn’t have done it without ya.
And, last but certainly not least, thank you to everyone that stopped by, whether you just dropped in for second or hung out for awhile, whether you purchased anything or not, the reason our grand opening was as cool as it was is because folks like you filled the store, it had to be cool with that many cool people!
We drew the winners of the raffles/giveaways late last night after everything ended, we will be contacting the winners Monday.

Thank you… Yes you! You make our store awesome and you make us proud to be at your service. We look forward to many many years to come of serving the music community.
And…. Yesterday was so much fun that we here at Trojan City Music have already decided that we’ll have to do something like that again. Live music goes really well in a music store!

Thank you.

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